We are simply very lucky that our work takes us to innumerable places to meet an endless stream of designers, artisans, workers, workshops and factories.

For certain, we love product, love good design, love good fabric, unique production capabilities...but the human side of what we do is the most rewarding.

For our products, for our business niche and strategy, the people we gravitate towards could be described as the strata between "designer led workshop" and "small factory".

In practice, this means a designer who has developed his or her design style, his or her craft to the point where they have been able to build it into a small business, usually regional or local in focus. They are driven by their love of design, but find a way to turn their passion into a business...and it often seems that when we first meet them they are somewhere along the path of "early stage"company, putting most of their resources and creative energy into bringing their dream to life.

We've been fortunate--very--to meet many uniquely talented designers and workshops like this along the way.  And we are almost always surprised when we find that we are their first N American business customer or business partner, often their only export customer.  A gift and honor we take seriously.

Or, there are the small business owners like the one who owns ands runs one of our principal merino wool suppliers in the far north of China, in Inner Mongolia.  In her case, she is a university graduate in textile engineering, but for the first chunk of her career she worked for the provincial government relating to textile manufacturing supervision and inspection.  Later she started her own company, acquired the necessary looms and began production with her husband after her son was old enough to begin attending school.  Today she is a supremely trusted partner of ours...her husband oversees woven production and she oversees new product development, and works with us, along with some northwestern European customers, as well as a few companies in the domestic market.  We trust her, and accordingly have matched her up with one of our favorite artists...as we are confident in both her product development and quality control standards.

We will end this narrative here--for now--except to say that we work with who we believe in and who we trust.  Our suppliers are predominantly from two regions in China (each with its own specific expertise), from Thailand and from Viet Nam, where we maintain a product development office.

As always, we hope you enjoy our design perspective, our products.

Randy Dirth