Randy Dirth started Paisley Road a few years back.

His background includes both product development and management roles, mostly working for medium to large retail companies in the US and Canada...starting at buyer level...later middle, senior and executive management level.  

Luckily for him, he has been able to work with some stellar individuals along the way.  Anything he learned from this series of fortuitous experiences was by their collective good grace.  

His heart-felt thanks and enduring best wishes, in order of appearance, to...Chuck Williams, Wade Bentson and Howard Lester (Williams-Sonoma), Joe Hilliard and Janet Grove (Macy's California), Glenn Senk and Gary Friedman (Williams-Sonoma, part 2) and Paul Goodrich (Greater Good).

And, he misses and loves dearly, some extra special colleagues from along the way...Joe Hilliard, Danna Walters, Rollie Zachmann...and of course...now Howard and Chuck.