• Cashmere w Merino Knit Relax Top - Beige - ETA Aug 1

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  • Description

    Originally bred for nobility in 12th century Spain, Merino sheep were introduced to Australia in the late 18th century (they were “First Fleeters”) for the superior softness of their wool.  Fast forward 240 years and bales of freshly shorn merino wool from Australia arrive at our factories in Inner Mongolia, where the yarn for our Cashmere with Merino wool collection is spun, blending the merino with Cashmere from nearby Mongolia. Once the yarn is spun —we specify 30% cashmere w 70% merino, and then dyed to our color specs, our cashmere w merino collection is knitted piece by piece on modern knitting machines imported from Germany. Call them timeless classics, call them affordable luxury, we just believe they should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, perhaps one day an heirloom


    Size Body Length Bust  Sleeve Length
       M     31.9 64.9 10.2
    L 32.7 66.9 10.6

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