• Narrow Thai Silk Art - Mint staccato

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    Hand-painted on pure silk in Thailand. Two sizes, full - S176 and half - S177.  The artist / designer, who is relatively young, is just a gifted guy who studied both fine arts and textile design…we have worked with him for 4-5 years now. 

    The designs are mostly his, occasionally with direction from us, such as our Ital Camo is his interpretation of a Italian design idea we suggested to him.

    His operation is truly artisan.  His workshop is behind his grandfather’s home in Northern Thailand, with a team of about 5 making our production (we are the bulk of his business).  Once his hand-painted scarves dry and are washed they typically hang to dry across his grandfather’s back garden.  Quite the sight.

    Dimensions: 68” x 16”

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